Jennifer Paptzikakis (*1990) is a Swiss based artist and jewellery designer with Greek roots. Her work is a reflection of profound human process dealing with our deepest emotions. By confronting ourselves with our inner being we open up space for the identification with others. Papatzikakis is an observer of her own emotional experiences. Her visual objects question our feelings of longing and nostalgia, they turn our expectations about social roles upside down and invite further experiences.

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2023 REGIONAL LUZERN 23 @ Rathaus Willisau

2022 Street Treasures Collection (solo exhibition) @ links&rechts Olten

2021 Cold Sweat @ 1st Lisbon Contemporary Jewellery Biennial, Lisbon

2020 HoHoHo Digital Christmas @ KALI Gallery Luzern

2020 A5 @ Mokka Rubin Olten

2019 Twelve Plus @ Milano Jewelry Week

2019 Werkschau @ Hochschule für Design & Kunst Luzern

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